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Holger S. holger.s at fu-berlin.de
Tue Aug 28 10:01:37 UTC 2012


we at the Free University Berlin *are holding a contest, where
*top-class teams of three programmers compete to implement the same
requirements for a web-based system within two days, using different
technology platforms (https://www.plat-forms.org/). *Its purpose* is not
to determine "the" best platform, but rather to provide new insights
into the real (rather than purported) pros, cons, and emergent
properties of each platform.

We used to discern platforms by language, but found that similar web
frameworks can make properties of solutions similar over different
languages. So, because it is one, we are also investing the properties
of grok :-)
And this is where I need your help on two questions:

    - what is the typical development procedure when developing a web
application with grok?
        We want to find out in what steps a developer implements an
application in a framework, for example whether they start with models,
templates or tests.
        Is this somewhat similar to the procedure in this tutorial?

        1. bootstrap grok
        2. write model classes
        3. for each user story
            a. write views
            b. write tests
            c. write templates
    - what is the mental model when writing a grok application? Do you
think in terms of URLs, actions, form, components?

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