[Grok-dev] requesting permission taking over megrok.jinja2 project

Tamer Higazi th982a at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 4 15:14:19 UTC 2012

Hi people!
I spoke with the developer Santiago Videla who maintained
"megrok.jinja2" a longer time ago and he offered me taking over this
project. The developer doesn't find the time to bring out new releases,
and the last changes he made were more then 2 years ago.

Therefor I am asking you kindly for your permission, to take over this
project giving to continue the maintenance of this package, because I
think that jinja2 for grok, would be a huge benefit, specially according
it's rendering speed.

I already created one account at PyPy, that if I receive your positiv
result to hand him over my ID to take over this project.

with kind regards

Tamer Higazi

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