[Grok-dev] In Grok Web Dev book, where in ZODB under app root does the user's security data get saved?

Matt Rutherford matrutherford at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 00:25:42 UTC 2012

I implemented (with a few edits for latest Grok version) my own PAU as a
LocalUtility according to the end of Chapter 7 in the Grok web dev book.
I'd like to base my app model around the user Account object detailed here,
which is stored in the UserFolder container object that itself is an
attribute of my authenticator plugin LocalUtility. But looking for these
objects in the ZODB I cannot find it under my toplevel App object. I can
see the 'grokcore.site.directive.local_utility' attribute and from this can
get a grokcore.site.directive.LocalUtilityInfo object which gives some
properties of the authenticator plugin that I want to access but not the
underlying model.

How should I access my authenticator plugin and it's UserFolder attribute
from my bin/python-console prompt?

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