[Grok-dev] Relooking at Grok

Sebastian Ware sebastian at urbantalk.se
Mon Jul 2 12:11:36 UTC 2012

1 jul 2012 kl. 07.04 skrev Milind Khadilkar:

> Hi,
> I have used Grok in the past and had problems with using 1.4 on Windows. Not being a hands on programmer, could not do the troubleshooting required and dropped it, though colleagues at my company have been using it for some projects. I have been following discussions on this list though, without fully understanding their content... At my company, there is a suggestion to use more of Grok for further projects, but I am a bit bothered by there being no new releases in 5 quarters, since April 2011. Should I view it as an indicator of stability, or as a lack of community support, or an emphasis on downloading the current code from the repository and building it? 
> Is there anything else that we should consider in taking a decision on Grok as our primary platform?

I have used Grok for the past three years without any problems. I find it to be very stable. Nothing much I miss and I am happy with the current low frequency release cycle.

I solve most problems by dropping into the debugger and looking around.

Issues with installation have often been resolved by searching the mailing list, posting here or visiting the #grok irc-channel. Lots of helpful people. I know Windows has few users here, you would probably be better off developing and deploying on Linux/Mac OSX. We use Mac OSX for development and Ubuntu for deployment.

Regarding long term commitment, I know there are quite a few of the core developers have committed to the platform in big projects.

You will need someone who is comfortable dropping into the debugger and reading docs in eggs to be successful in adopting Grok, other than that it is a nice and productive framework and I am very happy with it.

Mvh Sebastian


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