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Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Tue Jul 3 10:59:51 UTC 2012

Hi Milind,

On Sun, 1 Jul 2012 10:34:55 +0530 Milind Khadilkar wrote:

> I have used Grok in the past and had problems with using 1.4 on Windows.

Yes, Windows is still a problem. AFAIK most or all core developers work
on non-Windows platforms (MacOS, Linux).

> Not being a hands on programmer, could not do the troubleshooting required
> and dropped it, though colleagues at my company have been using it for some
> projects. I have been following discussions on this list though, without
> fully understanding their content...

Also documentation could be better, yes. Unfortunately no news, but...
my fault too.

 At my company, there is a suggestion
> to use more of Grok for further projects, but I am a bit bothered by there
> being no new releases in 5 quarters, since April 2011. Should I view it as
> an indicator of stability, or as a lack of community support, or an
> emphasis on downloading the current code from the repository and building
> it?

I think it's a sign of stability in the first place. We discussed that
also at last Grok sprint, which happened just two months ago (sponsored
generously by Christian Klinger and Novareto). The conclusion there , if
I got it correctly, was, that Grok is more or less feature-complete, so
merely bugfixes are required and complete new funcionality would turn it
into a complete different project.

Another reason why Grok releases do not happen too often these times is,
that Grok meanwhile is merely an umbrella package for a couple of
outsourced packages (these grokcore.xxx packages). These packages are
frequently updated but normally only as bugfix releases which leaves the
Grok version number as-is.

So, please be assured that Grok is still actively maintained. It would,
however, be great to have more people aboard :-)

> Is there anything else that we should consider in taking a decision on Grok
> as our primary platform?

That depends on your requirements, I think. If there is already some
Grok/Zope knowledge available in your company, it would certainly make
sense to make use of it.

There are also some larger projects out there in the wild, actively
developed and maintained, that rely on Grok. These projects/companies
are at least a guarantee, that there is someone around who most probably
could help if you should run into really big trouble with Grok :-)

Best regards,


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