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Sylvain Viollon sylvain at infrae.com
Tue Jul 3 13:50:05 UTC 2012

Op 3 jul 2012, om 12:59 heeft Uli Fouquet het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Milind,



>> to use more of Grok for further projects, but I am a bit bothered by there
>> being no new releases in 5 quarters, since April 2011. Should I view it as
>> an indicator of stability, or as a lack of community support, or an
>> emphasis on downloading the current code from the repository and building
>> it?
> I think it's a sign of stability in the first place. We discussed that
> also at last Grok sprint, which happened just two months ago (sponsored
> generously by Christian Klinger and Novareto). The conclusion there , if
> I got it correctly, was, that Grok is more or less feature-complete, so
> merely bugfixes are required and complete new funcionality would turn it
> into a complete different project.
> Another reason why Grok releases do not happen too often these times is,
> that Grok meanwhile is merely an umbrella package for a couple of
> outsourced packages (these grokcore.xxx packages). These packages are
> frequently updated but normally only as bugfix releases which leaves the
> Grok version number as-is.

 And actually there was a Grok release at that sprint, however it was not advertise
on every existing channels, but there is a release that is two months old:


  But Uli is right, that for the kind of application Grok can build, it is feature complete.
Other kind of applications, like async ones with application that requires lot of current
requests, or route based applications are not adapted to the Zope paradigm, on which
Grok is built on.

  However it is perfect for model-based application,  and where traversing is defined
by the models of your application.

  We don't want to blow up the existing features to try to support some other paradigm,
but instead use an already existing tool that does it correctly.

  And I do use Grok as well, and don't plan giving up on it in the future, like Uli, so
yes it will be maintained.



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