[Grok-dev] bootstrap error [was: Relooking at Grok]

Sylvain Viollon sylvain at infrae.com
Tue Jul 17 07:34:42 UTC 2012

Op 16 jul 2012, om 12:43 heeft Uli Fouquet het volgende geschreven:

> Hi Sylvain,



> If installing a virtualenv is still recommended (and from my point of
> view it is), we could make it the default (turning ``--virtualenv`` into
> ``--no-virtualenv``).
> Beside this we might want an additional ``--download-base`` option to
> allow download from other locations than PyPI.
> What would be the cons/side-effects?

   I don't know if you want to enable the virtualenv by default. The issue is that
sometimes you want to be able to use packages that are inside your site-package,
because you can't install them with buildout/setuptools: they often contains C code
and hardcode the includes and libraries directories to some stupid and non-standard
paths, or things in the same order of magnitude.

   Of course you can't patch the egg before you install so the installation becomes possible
under your system, and all you can do is edit the setup.py, fix it, make a specific version,
upload the egg on some site you can after refer in your buildout. But of course this is way
too complicated when users just wanted to install your software, however you can ask
them to just install the corresponding package for the egg that is provided by their
operating system/distribution. Of course after they can have installed something that pulled
in dependencies that you have, with different version, and here again buildout fails.
But for me that case happens less often.

   And yes of course, you have as well the problem of the different version of setuptools
in your system.

   So I don't really know where to stand here.


   PS: in zeam.setup^WMonteur, fixes all those problems.
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