[Grok-dev] automatic static resources

Christian Schmidt grok-list at creativenet.de
Tue Jul 17 12:33:11 UTC 2012

Hello Group,

today I ran into problems with static while i followed the tutorial:


I created a static directory, added a styles.css to this directory. 
Finally I worte

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" tal:attributes="href 

to my template. Result:

*Line 3, Column 8*
*In expression: <PathExpr standard:u'static/styles.css'>*
- Names:
{'args': (),
'context': <dnszones.app.Dnszones object at 0x808eaab90>,
'default': <object object at 0x800ec4490>,
'loop': {},
'nothing': None,
'options': {},
'repeat': {},
'request': <zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest instance 
'static': None,
'template': <grokcore.view.components.TrustedFilePageTemplate object at 
'view': <dnszones.app.DnsZonesZone object at 0x809563350>}
- > LocationError: (None, 'styles.css')*

Seems that static Directory is not known. Grok book and tutorial 
references that this is done automaticly. Is there a method where i can 
declare where the static resouces can be found - like 
grok.static('static') in my view or viewlet?

How to make static resources availabe direct form view or viewlet 
template without using fanstatic?


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