[Grok-dev] Beauty and style

Paul Sephton prsephton at gmail.com
Sun Oct 21 10:29:43 UTC 2012

Hi, List,

Instead of the typical "please help" mails, I thought I would share my 
appreciation of one of those "little" useful things made trivial by the 
use of python, zope components & grok.  It reads so naturally that 
comments are almost unnecessary.

class IScriptMail(Interface):
   ''' For embedding email links as scripted elements with obfuscated text '''
   def __call__(self, email):
     ''' Returns a scripted email link '''

class ScriptMail(grok.GlobalUtility):
   ''' For embedding email links as scripted elements with obfuscated text '''

   """ Translate an email address into an embed-able script that protects the address """
   def translate(self, email):   # translates text into html codes
     return "".join(["&#%i;"%i for i in [ord(q) for q in email]])

   def __call__(self, email, linkText=None):
     linkText=self.translate(linkText) if linkText is not None else email
     script="""document.write("<a href='mailto:%s'>%s</a>");"""%(email, linkText)
     return """<script type='text/javascript'>\n%s\n</script>\n""" % script

... later in some python file somewhere, possibly completely unrelated...

class MyViewlet(grok.Viewlet):

     def email(self, etext):
       script = getUtility(IScriptMail)
       return script(etext)... and in the page template 'myviewlet.pt' ....

<p>You may contact us via email at <span tal:content="structure python:viewlet.email('someone at somewhere.com')" /></p>

The elegance of this sort of thing just leaves one gasping.  The 
simplicity, code re-usability, maintainability, and pure beauty- don't 
you agree?  I never want to have to code without the zope component 
framework again, and grok makes it so easy!

It's nice to get all enthusiastic about something once in a while,

We will have solar energy as soon as the utility companies solve one
technical problem -- how to run a sunbeam through a meter.		

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