[Grok-dev] here's a crazy thought: a grok sprint?

Jan-Wijbrand Kolman janwijbrand at gmail.com
Mon May 19 10:40:26 CEST 2014


Here's a crazy thought: what about having a Grok sprint?

I must be mad thinking this would be at all usefull...?

My idea would be to gather the selection of small changes we did since 
the last official release, clean up groktoolkit, release it, bring the 
current grok website down and launch a small new website (kinda like a 
"readthedocs" thing) explaining the current status etc.

Why would I want to suggest this?

The reasons are twofold:

* It would be fun I think, to meet up with the few people that are still 
using Grok or some of its legacy.

* The current website and everything give a highly unfinished and 
abandoned feel. This in fact is not far from the truth ;) but I like the 
idea to clean things up and explain the state of the project.

To be clear:

* At my work, we're still using Grok. And thus ZTK. And there's no plan 
to move away from it any time soon. For us, the underpinnings of our 
application still serve us well for now.

* My idea for this sprint is explicitly low-ambition. Of course I'm 
every now and then fantasizing about porting Grok to Python 3, now that 
a lot of ZTK packages are supposed to run on Python 3. And we could of 
course spend time on such, or completely different, ideas if there's any 
common ground for it.

Ok, let the laughing begin... I **am** being silly here, right..? ;)

Or does anyone actually like the idea..?

regards, jw

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