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On 9/27/15 2:39 PM, One reader writes::
> Hi to all,
I think he meant to post to the mailing list, so I am copying his
message here.
> I have looked into Grok, which was very promising and understandable.
> Now I try to get to understand Pyramid, which does come very easy. The
> reason that I choose for Pyramid and later for Kivy, is that those
> support Python 3,x and ZODB3>. Looking into the futureare those a
> necessity.
> I would have chosen Grok if it met those two requirements.
> Likely that my input is not on topic.

Your feedback is most appreciated, and very relevant.

Kiwi is a brilliant choice.  It runs on all the platforms.   Who needs a
browser running Javascript????

Here are my notes on Grok vs Pyramid.

Pyramid hides the ZCA under a simplifying api.  Grok makes it more
explicit and richer,
encouraging  the use of zope.schema, but then you get CRUD out-of-the-box.

And I think that you mean to say that Pyramid runs on ZODB 4.  Grok is
still on ZODB 3.

Good luck with your pyramid project.

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