[Grok-dev] Grok Web Site

lozinski lozinski at privacv.com
Thu Mar 10 12:30:15 CET 2016

I and others are happily using Grok, new versions are being released on
GitHub, Python 3 is supported, but the Grok website is in trouble, and
needs some love.

First the background.
grok.zope.org is hosted by QuintaGroup as a free service to the
community.  Thank you so much QuintaGroup.  Check out their hosting
services at

Grok.Zope.Org is a Plone web site.  The documentation is written using
Sphinx.  Maybe it is served through Plone.  There is a lot of great
content on the site. If the performance is slow, you can browse the
website using the Way Back Machine:

There are three problems with the site.  First it is very slow, often
appearing dead.  Really way way too slow to do any reasonable editing on
it.  Secondly there is no new release of GrokProject.  While the github
versions of Grok are continuing to evolve, there is no clear and simple
explanation of how to install from GitHub.
Third, there is not much incentive to QuintaGroup for their free hosting

As for me, I am just working on figuring out how to install Grok from
GitHub.  Once I do that, it is easy for me to document it, making it
easy for others to follow in my footsteps, but I would like to post the
results on the Grok Home Page.  Kind of hard to do that in the current

So what can we do about this?


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