[Grok-dev] Grok Installs and Runs Correctly

lozinski lozinski at privacv.com
Fri Mar 11 08:35:52 CET 2016

 On Python2.7 and python3.3.


Surprisingly grok did not include paster or daemon.  So I added them in.  That was the hard part.  Now that I have it running, making the following changes should be a lot easier.   So what is next?

Basically I want to create a simple version of grokproject so that those who are interested can start using grok.   The original grokproject is really nice, it asks you all kinds of questions, and fills in the values. But that is a lot of work to upgrade it.  I just want a simple installation where the defaults are chosen for you, and one can edit the values.  I want to leave the original grokproject alone, in case anyone wants to upgrade it.  So how will I do this?

First I will fork the grok github repository. I will call it zopache.grokproject.  Merge these changes into it.  I want to copy in the sample app template from grok.project.  And then update INSTALL.txt and README.txt.  Maybe taking parts from grokproject.

I also want to move the cfg files. 

buildout.cfg extends grok.cfg:


Which extends ztk.cfg
https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zopefoundation/groktoolkit/master/ztk.cfg <https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zopefoundation/groktoolkit/master/ztk.cfg>

I want to move those two files into zopache.grokproject 
That will be easier to understand, and not at risk of those urls changing
during production. 

Comments on my plan would be most appreciated.  Does anyone want to install this work?

So that brings me to the issue of the website.  What can we do to 
make it run faster and be able to edit it?


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