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lozinski lozinski at privacv.com
Wed Mar 16 18:31:48 CET 2016

Another reader writes:

> Hi,
> Even there is huge community for python 2.7. I prefere to develop applications on python 3 which is the future. If I look at benefits of python 3 then there is no choice. 
> At the moment I developing an application in python 3, with cherrypy and just plane html/css and javascript. 
> I have tried zope with python3, but somewhere I could not 'link' paster to zope3. An other reason to choose for cherrypy is dat zope4 is based on zope2 with python2. 
> In the long run it is not a feasible road to develop apps in python2.
>  But any way, success

I totally agree with you. You are preaching to the choir. Not being in Python 3 is embarrassing. 

http://blogory.org/advantages-of-python3 <http://blogory.org/advantages-of-python3>

And particularly if you want to do a messaging server, or web scraping the advantages of Python3.5  and asyncio are huge.  Jim Fulton is working on moving ZEO to Asyncio, so soon, I presume, we will be able to use ZODB as an Asyncio server. 

So why did I release in Python 2.7?  Because I could . I spent all of yesterday trying to figure out how to upgrade to Python 3.  
Python 3.5 does not install on FreeBSD.  I need to send in a bug report.  Somewhere on the internet there is a guy who is kind enough to fix those problems.  

Python 3.4 has some security violation.  

Python 3.3 worked when I first installed grok. Now it does not work.  Presumably I have a wrong version of buildout or setup tools.  

Python 3.2 is not distributed on FreeBSD.

So what do I do about Python 3 not working?  I have tried everything I could short of debugging those utilities.  

The next step is to fire up the debugger while running bootstrap, and figure out what the problem is.  I was reluctant to be debugging such utilities, but it is the only way.  Nothing as powerful as persistence. 

So why bother?  I love grok, I think it is brilliant, but the market is node.js.  Or Pyramid.  Am I stupid?  I hope not! I am not going to be competing in the tools market.  I want to compete in the mudh larger end-user market.  I want to open source blogory, and have hundreds of blogories out there indexing the web manually.  

In the meantime if someone figures out how to bootstrap grok.install on python 3 please send me a pull request, or just email me quick instructions and I will be delighted to upgrade the repository.  There are those for whom it is a very simple thing to fix.  

And I have a very nice ZMI here to release as well.  The plan is to replace grokui.admin, the applications page with zopache.zmi.  The plone guys will love it.  If you login to blogory.org <http://blogory.org/>, you can play with it.  Let me know if you want permission to add content on some branch of blogory.


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