[Grok-dev] Object Publishing

Tom Russell tomr at fastmail.net
Sun May 1 07:54:11 CEST 2016

Yeah. Unfortunately, the relational model rules the web. Much as the 
right angle abounds in the world of building architecture.

I looked through my old New Rider Zope books thinking I might find some 
nice graphics to go along with the nice descriptions. But there's only 
screenshots of the ZMI. I guess I was imagining stuff. :-)

On 04/26/2016 04:21 AM, Christopher Lozinski wrote:
> Grok shines at Object Publishing.
> Every object has its own URL, with multiple views on that object.
> Zope.schema makes it easy for multiple views do deal with any given
> object.  The security model is great for controlling access to views.
> What else could one ask for?
> I kind of thought that is the obvious way to write applications, that
> all applications are built that way,  but a quick Google search shows
> that really not much has been written on Object Publishing.
> There is this:
> http://docs.zope.org/zope2/zdgbook/ObjectPublishing.html
> but the images are a bit lame, and it is Zope 2 related so a bit dated.
> Even a search on "Plone Object Publishing"  did not reveal much.
> And an image search reveals even less.  I would love to find some good
> images that explain Object Publishing.   And some good articles on it.
> Why?  Well Blogory.org/python is now the world's largest python
> directory.  So I am out on the road talking about it, and people want to
> know more about the technology.
> I would really love to find a few good images for Object Publishing for
> my talks.  Any suggestions?  Any good articles written on Object
> Publishing?
> Regards
> Chris
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