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Paul Sephton prsephton at gmail.com
Thu Mar 9 15:41:03 CET 2017

For the past few years I've been working for a small company called CAMI
Education <http://camiweb.com/>, who build software that teaches kids
math.  Our main competitor is probably Mathletics <http://mathletics.com/>,
although there are many other companies who do the same thing.  My
involvement has been in building the infrastructure to support an
interactive multi-platform (including iOS
<https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cami-apps/id733712618?mt=8> / Android
app which teachers and students can use in classrooms on tablets or even

For the app implementation, we use Kivy <http://kivy.org/>, a Python based
cross platform framework based on popular components such as gstreamer and
OpenGL. On the back-end, we use Linux, NGinX, Postgres & Grok.  We use Zen
Cart which uses PHP & MySQL for ad-hoc sales.

Who knows what our competitors invested?  What I do know is their dev teams
are many times our size.  Nevertheless, we are doing some pretty fun stuff
like long polling to "push" data to tablets (no support for websockets I'm
afraid), and provide interaction between teachers and classrooms full of

Our server runs at cam-apps.com, but unfortunately almost all of the cool
stuff is hidden behind subscriptions, so there's not a lot to see there.
You can however get an idea of our web-based mobile interface leader board
<https://www.cami-apps.com/mobile/leaders> which is free to view!

Kind regards,
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