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Sorry for the immensely late reply!

1) the yui-t7 class of the main div does this. it just is a header, content-area and footer, which is a very basic Grid, if it can be called a grid at all, indeed.

2) megrok.resource is used implicitly in part 1. I explain this in the paragraph 
"Enter megrok.resource. This package uses hurry.zoperesource, which will override the default Request object with a special one that will add the needed resources to the <head> tag of your HTML just before rendering. Kind of magic..."

3) You may have a point there, but my reasoning was this: since we are using YUI grids for layouting, we might as well 'do it right' by using megrok.layout as well, as I figured this to be the most used use-case. The biggest problem I have with tutorials (in general) is that most only focus on the task at hand, and leave you clueless if the off-topic parts of the tutorial are quick-and-dirty implementations, or still best-practises. If you cut corners in a tutorial, you should state that, and point readers where to find info on doing it right. I decided to try and not cut any corners. There was no megrok.layout tutorial, so I decided to incorporate it, otherwise I would have referred to it.
Maybe it makes this tutorial a bit 'heavy', indeed.

The big picture of the tutorial was (more or less): explain how to do some typical YUI use-cases the Grok way: Reset/Grid, a menu, getting data asynchronously, sending data async, using JSON.
Thanks for the remarks!

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Hi Jeroen,

Thanks for having solved the buidout issues. I've been busy editing
(mainly formatting) your tutorial. I'm still not  yet clear about a
few things in part 1; can you enlighten me?

Below the code for 'style.css' you mention that a basic Grid has been
created. Is it? Only the class-value "yui-g" hints to that, but I
wouldn't call that 'creating a basic grid'.

Then you mention megrok.resource, but this module is not used at all
in part 1. Or is it? Maybe mentioning and explaining (which happens
just above the 'app.py' code further down the page) it could be moved
to part 3 where I see megrok.resource being used in code the first

Although I'm still missing the big picture of the tutorial, I'd like
you to think about this:
is the (megrok.)layout stuff not too distracting for this tutorial?
Maybe it's worth a tutorial of its own; also simplifying the



On Mon, Mar 8, 2010 at 11:45, Jeroen Michiel <jmichiel at yahoo.com> wrote:
> All typos are solved, and I'm looking into the buildout issues.

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