[Grok-doc] Volunteering for a YUI tutorial

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1) I reviewed it, and I mostly agreed. Only on p4 I reverted this: the YAHOO.util.Event.stopEvent(e) call effectively stops the normal submit to happen. We grab the form data and POST it ourselves, so that the page doesn't get refreshed entirely. If the POST is successful, tab 0 is selected.

2) I added an explicit link to the megrok.navigation PyPI site and a short explanation after the BlogMenu definition.

3) Correctamundo!

4) Let me know!

Thanks for your remarks!

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Hello Jeroen,

I continued working through your tutorial and have got a few more
points to discuss.

I did (quite some) editing of your tutorial pages, so maybe you'd like
to diff them with those that you check in at github, in order to see
if you agree with my changes.

In part 2, it might be worthwile to discuss the difference between the
'Home' menu-item and the 'Blogs' menu-item: the Home-item looks much
like a button in a toolbar of a desktop application (cf. the
'Back'-button in Firefox) whereas the 'Blogs'-item looks like a
regular menu in a menubar of a desktop application (cf. the
'File'-menu in Firefox). Clicking on 'Home' results in redirecting to
another page (the home page), whereas clicking on 'Blogs' results only
in rolling up/down the menu-items 'Add an entry', 'Entry 1', 'Entry
2', etc.
I haven't looked into megrok.navigation yet, so I don't know if it is
just a difference between navigation.ContentMenu and navigation.Menu

Maybe we could introduce the terms (menu-)bar and/or toolbar and/or
tab-row, to make the distinction more clear (at least, if you agree in
some way).

We should definitely mention that knowledge about megrok.navigation is
a prerequisite.

In part 3 I guessed that adding a script and stylesheetviewlet should
happen in 'blog.py', not 'script.py' :-)

I am now trying to see what my mileage is in a Grok1.1 environment.
Please stay tuned!


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