[Grok-doc] Migration of comunity docs has stalled...

Uli Fouquet uli at gnufix.de
Mon Jan 3 11:49:33 EST 2011

Hi Vincent,

Vincent Fretin wrote:

> I added my script in grok-doc/buildout.cfg
> bin/buildout generates a bin/build.sh script that build the html and
> pdf file and copy it to ~/public_html/grokdocs (configurable via the
> document_root option in buildout.cfg)
> I added a link to the pdf in the docindex.template file. I saved the
> logo.gif to png to include it in the pdf, but we need a HD version.
> The buildout add a cronjob to the user crontab and run every hour.
> Somebody now need to run the buildout on the server and serve the
> ~/public_html/grokdocs via apache.

Thanks a lot for all this! One minor(?) thing, however: when I ran the
buildout locally, it tried to install a local crontab. I'm not sure
whether we want this behaviour (which is intended for the grok-server
mainly, right?) in the documentation itself. If not, then we could put
it in the SVN repository where also the other script resides already.

What do others think?

Best regards,


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