[Gsoc] Getting started

Martijn Faassen faassen at startifact.com
Thu Apr 12 07:05:15 EDT 2007


> I am really excited about this, and delighted that I'll be working
> with you and contributing to Grok which, in my opinion, is the most
> important project for the future of Zope since Zope 3 was announced.

I'm very happy we are going to proceed! I'm very happy we have a
concrete project to try Grok with a real world application. I think
there is much that we can learn.

> I know how to use SVN, so I guess my next steps are:
> 1- sign and send the Zope Contributor Agreement;

If you can scan and mail one to Jim, that speeds things up. Or
alternatively fax it.

> 2- study the Grok tutorial;

That's a good first step. I would suggest getting onto irc in freenode
if you haven't already, and letting us know your nickname. We hang out
in various places, among others #zope3-dev and #grok.

I will think through further steps. We are still lacking a Grok
reference and the tutorial is incomplete, so we'll somehow have to get
the knowledge of some Grok details to you in some other way.



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