[Interface-dev] Twisted usage of zope interface in Zope3 SVN

Christopher Armstrong radix at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Sep 22 17:08:25 EDT 2006

On 9/22/06, Jim Fulton <jim at zope.com> wrote:
> Anyway, I'm glad you brought this up. I'd like to see this get resolved.

Thanks for the quick response, Jim. I've already updated the usage of
selfImplied to using the new registered() method.

We have one more problem, though: Apparently, __adapt__ methods on Interface
objects are no longer called during adaptation. This only happens when using
the C optimizations, and at first I thought this didn't matter, because I
was under the impression z.i didn't actually care about PEP 246, but then I
noticed that README.txt explicitly talks about PEP 246 __adapt__ support.
Now, if there is a method IFoo.__adapt__, and one calls IFoo(o), that method
will not be called when using the C optimizations, because the C
implementation of __call__ just directly calls the C implementation of
__adapt__ without looking it up as a method on the interface object.

Is this a bug?

Christopher Armstrong
International Man of Twistery
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