[Interface-dev] Merge proposal: tseaver-better_unittests branch of zope.interface

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed Mar 28 22:59:19 UTC 2012

On Mar 26, 2012, at 05:38 PM, Tres Seaver wrote:

>I've (finally!) finished my work to get zope.interface to 100% unit test
>coverage without relying on doctests:


>The branch makes many fewer "Zope-y" assumptions about how it is
>developed.  In particular, in a fresh checkout, you can run the tests
>and build the docs with widely-used 3rd-party tools, without needing
>to set up a buildout::


>In addition to minimizing "Zope-iness", providing full coverage using
>small, descriptively-named unittests makes the code more maintainable.
>For instance, I expect to build on top of these improved tests as the basis
>for a conversion to a "subset", supporting Python 2.6, 2.7, and 3.x from
>a single codebase, without needing a translator like lib2to3.

>I think it will also be easier to improve the docs, now that they no
>longer bear the burden of supplying coverage / regression testing for
>the code.  We can remove a bunch of extremely-terse fragments, and have
>the examples which remain focus more on improving the reader's
>understanding than exercising some corner case.
>Unless the consensus is against it, I plan to merge this branch to the
>trunk early next week.

I guess based on my comments above, I'd have to give this a +4 :)

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