[ZDP] Have fingers, will traverse

Chris Larson clarson@changeling.com
Wed, 2 Jun 1999 07:08:32 -0500

     I've been looking for some way to contribute to the ZDP project, 
but, as I am a relative novice, I fear my greatest contribution on the 
technical side would be the submission of many, many random questions 
with no answers.

     I am a good editor, however, and would like to toss my hat in the 
ring along those lines. What I'd like to do is polish the many great 
documents y'all have added to this project, cleaning up basic grammar, 
spelling, punctuation and typographical errors. Since some of y'all speak 
English as a second language, there are likely to be times when it would 
be helpful to run text through a native speaker. Since _all_ of us are 
human, there will undoubtedly be errors. I'd like to offer my services 
along these lines, and allow others focus on the content itself.

Chris Larson