[ZDP] Setting up Zope with Roxen on FreeBSD.

Peter Haight peterh@sapros.com
Sat, 05 Jun 1999 15:28:10 -0700

After some mucking around, I got it to work with Roxen on FreeBSD by doing
two things:

1. Before running 'python w_pcgi.py' edit pycgi/Makefile.in and remove
-DCLOSE_FDS from the DEFS= line. I don't know whether this is a Roxen or a
FreeBSD problem and I'm not sure why this fixes a problem that pcgi-wrapper
has launching the main Zope process.

2. When setting up your CGI module for Zope, you need to set 'Raw user info'
to 'yes'. You have to have 'More Options' enabled in order to see this

It might be a good idea to add the second one to doc/WEBSERVER.txt in a new
category for Roxen.