[ZDP] Setting up Zope with Roxen on FreeBSD.

Michel Pelletier michel@digicool.com
Mon, 7 Jun 1999 11:45:20 -0400

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> Subject: [ZDP] Setting up Zope with Roxen on FreeBSD.
> After some mucking around, I got it to work with Roxen on 
> FreeBSD by doing
> two things:
> 1. Before running 'python w_pcgi.py' edit pycgi/Makefile.in and remove
> -DCLOSE_FDS from the DEFS= line. I don't know whether this is 
> a Roxen or a
> FreeBSD problem and I'm not sure why this fixes a problem 
> that pcgi-wrapper
> has launching the main Zope process.
> 2. When setting up your CGI module for Zope, you need to set 
> 'Raw user info'
> to 'yes'. You have to have 'More Options' enabled in order to see this
> option.
> It might be a good idea to add the second one to 
> doc/WEBSERVER.txt in a new
> category for Roxen.

I'll put this on a burner, I *might* be able to get to it some time in
the next two weeks, look for it in the 2.0 final release.  I used Roxen
for years, so I can work up a good tuturial.  Thanks for the info.


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