[ZDP] Re: [ANN] Zope in the low countries

Tom Deprez Tom.Deprez@uz.kuleuven.ac.be
Thu, 10 Jun 1999 10:14:39 +0200

Cool! Was also thinking on something like that. Now it's already

Problem with website, I get this : 1455 (0x000005af) as result....

Possible because configuration at the network of my work. Will try to check
it out at home this evening.

PS. Can I place this url on my Zope web-site?


>I proudly announce the birth of the usergroup for Dutch speaking Zope 
>users. As they will probably mostly be from  Belgium and the 
>Netherlands (though the python newsgroup shows you never know :-) I 
>called it Zope in the low countries (in dutch: Zope in de lage 
>The most important aim of the usergroup are:
>- to provide mutual assistence for Zope users on a regional level, 
>- to be able to provide institutional decision makers with a 
>guarantee that Zope is not some obscure and unreliable open source 
>product but has more users and (hopefully) a great many succesfull 
>implementations nearby.
>There is a discussion list coming (ZOPE-NL), but not yet operational. 
>Details will be on the web site. 
>To keep things focused, ZOPE-NL will be no local replacement for the 
>regular zope lists, but a discussion forum for regional matters only. 
>For the time being, if you're interested, please visit the 
>(rudimentary) site at  
>Warning: it is completely in dutch.
>Rik Hoekstra