[ZDP] ZDP Site/Confera

Jay Ashton jay@tomigaya.shibuya.tokyo.jp
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 20:13:47

Hi all,

Just now logged into zdp/manage and started getting the lay of the land.
Not yet quite sure how things work here but wanted to start to add the
beginnings of a confera faq. I created a test_session in /FAQ/, made some
changes, and wanted to inform/ask some questions before committing.

- I created a 'product_unsup' (Unsupported Products) section for the FAQ.
Given the current org his seems to make the most sense (rather than a
'confera' section), but then we'd need sub-organization? With the current
format, would that mean sub-folders (i.e. a /faq/product_unsup/confera_stx,
etc.)? Or another org method?

- Does the FAQ version have to be put in as static text, as it appeared on
all the current FAQ stx pages, or is <!--#var revision--> a legal move?

Once I hear back I'll start to put some real content up.

Thanks - Jay

PS - Is there a reason that it's not easy (impossible?) to find links to
ZDP from Zope.org/Documentation and /Support?! There's already some very
useful stuff on ZDP!