[ZDP] ZDP Site/Confera

Martijn Faassen M.Faassen@vet.uu.nl
Wed, 16 Jun 1999 14:20:14 +0200

Jay Ashton wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just now logged into zdp/manage and started getting the lay of the land.
> Not yet quite sure how things work here but wanted to start to add the
> beginnings of a confera faq. I created a test_session in /FAQ/, made some
> changes, and wanted to inform/ask some questions before committing.


> - I created a 'product_unsup' (Unsupported Products) section for the FAQ.
> Given the current org his seems to make the most sense (rather than a
> 'confera' section), but then we'd need sub-organization? With the current
> format, would that mean sub-folders (i.e. a /faq/product_unsup/confera_stx,
> etc.)? Or another org method?

Currently the FAQ is somewhat dead until we come up with somewhat
better. We could've had this better thing already, but haven't done
anything so it isn't there yet. :) Hm.

Right now, perhaps the best thing you could do it place the new
structure in a completely new dir. We can always link to it from the
present FAQ.
> - Does the FAQ version have to be put in as static text, as it appeared on
> all the current FAQ stx pages, or is <!--#var revision--> a legal move?

Probably we can hack up something, but this was only an ad-hoc solution
so far..
> Once I hear back I'll start to put some real content up.

Good luck!

> PS - Is there a reason that it's not easy (impossible?) to find links to
> ZDP from Zope.org/Documentation and /Support?! There's already some very
> useful stuff on ZDP!

Dunno..Digicool folks, what do you say? I assume they're waiting until
the ZDP site has crystallized more, but perhaps that's not the right
thing to do...