[ZDP] default location for writing files

Adrian Graham aag@stanford.edu
Wed, 23 Jun 1999 01:17:47 +0200

I am currently working through "A Technical Introduction to Object
Publishing with Zope" and unfortunately am having problems with the
example code for saving visitors' comments to a text file (I've included
the example code below). It isn't clear to me is where the file
"feedback_data" is being written if no explicit path is given (It
doesn't appear to be the same directory as the Python code). Since I do
not know where this file is located (or will be located) I don't know
where I should set the permissions to give write access to the Zope user
-- therefore the program doesn't work.

Any clarifications would be greatly appreciated.

Much thanks,

Adrian Graham 

"""feedback.py: A simple feedback form application"""
def save_feedback(feedback_type, comments):
	"""A function to handle submitted feedback form data"""
        # Open a file for appending to save the feedback,
        # creating the file if necessary.
        try: file=open("feedback_data", "a")
        except IOError:
        	file=open("feedback_data", "w")
        # Save the data
        file.write("Feedback type: %s\n" % feedback_type)
        file.write("Comments: %s\n\n" % comments)
        return "Thank you for your feedback!"