[ZDP] ZDP Editor for NW [longish]

Martijn Faassen faassen@vet.uu.nl
Thu, 28 Oct 1999 22:50:47 +0200

Ute Methner wrote:
> > Ute is certainly right about the style-issue... There isn't one yet... So,
> > perhaps Ute can make a decision about the style?
> > 
> I'd be happy to set up a style guide. Though
> I am grasping here to  get a feel of what it happening with the 
> publications. Does ZDP want to 'single source' (same content 
> structure in hardcopy and in electronic format, <I am working 
> on my master's degree in technical writing, so occasionally I can't
> resist throwing out these words>)? If yes, this will save
> time and energy but needs some planning from someone :(. 
> So, before I send you to sleep expounding on the differences
> between writing electronic and hardcopy documents
> in a style guide ... please decide if single sourcing is the way 
> to go. This has not been made clear in the posts I have received so far. 

single sourcing is what we are looking at, at least. Mention was made of
using DocBook SGML; this looks like a good single source option to me (if it
can be made quite accessible to writers; and editors can convert plaintext
drafts into docbook SGML; we shouldn't stop the quick production of drafts).

> I would also like to go a little further than a document style guide 
> and that is to give you some tips on writing per se. For this, I am 
> going to assume that the writing team consists of a combination of
> native 
> and non-native English-speakers. If this is wrong, please tell me.   

This is right. We seem to have an unusually large contigent of Dutch
speakers. Our ability at English varies.

> Sorry about all these questions, but it is better for all of us
> to be on the same wavelength... or at least for me to get on your
> wavelength.

No problem; questions are good. Tuning in on the right wavelength is good too.