[ZDP] Looking for Proposal Reviewers

Ann.Quinn@newriders.com Ann.Quinn@newriders.com
13 Oct 2000 15:15:21 -0400


By way of introduction, my name is Ann Quinn and I'm an acquisitions editor on the web development team at New Riders Publishing in Indianapolis, Indiana.  I'm writing the list in hope of finding a few people to review a Zope proposal.

 We consider peer review integral to the publishing process.  Each of our titles goes through a number of peer reviews--a proposal review, a peer review (also referred to as a tech edit), and a market review. The feedback from these reviews is essential to maintaining our standard of publishing quality titles, that meet the needs of the community.
At this time I have a proposal and TOC for a book we're considering covers Zope as a tool kit for Web development.  As a peer reviewer we would ask that you review the material and provide feedback as to the merits of the proposal and how well it meets the needs of the target audience, the strengths and weaknesses of the outline, etc.   I have a questionnaire that states very clearly what kind of feedback we're looking for and I'm able to offer you a $75 honorarium for your services as well as a complimentary copy of the book when it releases if we proceed with the project.  Would you be intersted in participating at this stage of the process?
If so, please let me know as soon as possible and I will send you the necessary paperwork.  I will need your  comments back Wed/Thurs.    Anyone interested can reply to me @ann.quinn@newriders.com.
Thank you for your consideration.  I will look forward to hearing from you.
Ann Quinn
 Acquisitions Editor
 New Riders Publishing/MTP
 201 W. 103rd Street
 Indianapolis, IN  46290
1-800-545-5914, ext. 97494