[ZDP] New Zope Admin's Guide: We still need author and editors

Will Dennis willd@p-wave.com
Thu, 22 Mar 2001 19:25:20 -0500

Hey ZDPers,

I just looked thru the .stx files on SourceForge CVS, and here's the
authors and editor's tally:

grep "Authors:" *.stx

Configuring.stx:  Authors: Kamon Ayeva, Amos Latteier
Deploying.stx:  Authors:
Installing.stx:  Authors: Will Dennis (willd@p-wave.com), Kamon Ayeva
Maintaining.stx:  Authors: Will Dennis (willd@p-wave.com);
Running.stx:  Authors: Will Dennis (willd@p-wave.com), Kamon Ayeva
TroubleShooting.stx:  Authors:
ZEO.stx:  Authors: Ethan Freman (mindlace@digicool.com)

grep "Editors:" *.stx

Configuring.stx:  Editors:
Deploying.stx:  Editors:
Installing.stx:  Editors: Amos Latteier,
Maintaining.stx:  Editors:
Running.stx:  Editors: Amos Latteier,
TroubleShooting.stx:  Editors:
ZEO.stx:  Editors:

So we still need authors for two chapters, and more editors. I can edit
whatever, but I would need subject matter experts to review the
chapters; I'm no Zope-Master, not by a long shot... If you can get
involved with either authoring (especially the "Deploying" and
"TroubleShooting" chapters) or editing, we'd love to have ya. Check out
all the facts at: