[ZDP] BackTalk to Document The Zope Book (2.6 Edition)/Users and Security

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Wed Feb 11 05:47:00 EST 2004

A comment to the paragraph below was recently added via http://zope.org/Documentation/Books/ZopeBook/2_6Edition/Security.stx#2-0


    Zope is a multi-user system. However, instead of relying upon the
    user accounts provided by the operating system under which it runs,
    Zope maintains one or more of its own user databases.  It is not
    necessary to create a user account on the operating system under
    which Zope runs in order to grant someone a user account which they
    may use to access your Zope application or manage Zope via its
    management interface.

      % thtran - Feb. 11, 2004 5:47 am:
       There's something wrong with this web-page: All other chapters of the zope book seem to display correctly
       with Opera 7.23 and Internet Explorer 5.5 SP2 (Windows), but the main content of the chapter "Users and
       Security" is displayed much too wide (tested with the two aforementioned browsers).
       Could someone correct this please?

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