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Collector #1397: testTimeStamp fails on FreeBSD

The checkFullTimeStamp() test was sensitive to unique mktime() behavior
on FreeBSD.  See:


The purpose of this test is to exercise ZODB's TimeStamp object, so got
rid of dependence on platform mktime() and time.timezone quirks --
TimeStamp works in GMT, so how mktime() treats tm_isdst should be
irrelevant in all TimeStamp tests.

Also added a comment about the highly non-obvious numeric characteristics
of TimeStamp's treatment of seconds (round-tripping is surprisingly
inaccurate, but for a real reason).

=== ZODB3/NEWS.txt => ===
--- ZODB3/NEWS.txt:	Mon Jun 21 22:10:44 2004
+++ ZODB3/NEWS.txt	Fri Jul  2 18:33:52 2004
@@ -6,7 +6,8 @@
-Collector #1327 FileStorage init confused by time travel.
+Collector #1327: FileStorage init confused by time travel
 If the system clock "went backwards" a long time between the times a
 FileStorage was closed and reopened, new transaction ids could be
 smaller than transaction ids already in the storage, violating a
@@ -16,6 +17,15 @@
 warning level; if time appears to have run backwards at least 30
 minutes, the message is logged at panic level (and you should
 investigate to find and repair the true cause).
+Test suite
+Collector #1397: testTimeStamp fails on FreeBSD
+The *BSD distributions are unique in that their mktime() implementation
+usually ignores the input tm_isdst value.  Test checkFullTimeStamp()
+was sensitive to this platform quirk.
 What's new in ZODB3 3.2.2

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