[Zodb-checkins] SVN: ZODB/branches/3.3/src/ZODB/component.xml Merge rev 28529, applied from a wrong project (Zope trunk).

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Wed Jan 12 17:49:24 EST 2005

Log message for revision 28819:
  Merge rev 28529, applied from a wrong project (Zope trunk).
  ZODB cache size is an integer (number of objects), not a number of bytes.

  U   ZODB/branches/3.3/src/ZODB/component.xml

Modified: ZODB/branches/3.3/src/ZODB/component.xml
--- ZODB/branches/3.3/src/ZODB/component.xml	2005-01-12 22:10:50 UTC (rev 28818)
+++ ZODB/branches/3.3/src/ZODB/component.xml	2005-01-12 22:49:24 UTC (rev 28819)
@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@
   <sectiontype name="zodb" datatype=".ZODBDatabase"
     <section type="ZODB.storage" name="*" attribute="storage"/>
-    <key name="cache-size" datatype="byte-size" default="5000"/>
+    <key name="cache-size" datatype="integer" default="5000"/>
     <key name="pool-size" datatype="integer" default="7"/>
     <key name="version-pool-size" datatype="integer" default="3"/>
     <key name="version-cache-size" datatype="integer" default="100"/>

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