[Zope-Annce] Announce: Portland Oregon user group meeting

ray@unival.com ray@unival.com
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 17:10:55 -0700

The first meeting of the Portland, Oregon area Python interest group
(PORPIGgies?) will be held Tuesday September 7, 1999 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
in the Benjamin Franklin Building, downtown Portland.

The inaugural speaker will be Amos Latteier of Digital Creations speaking
on "Zope and XML".  He'll discuss the  Zope application server and it's web
object system from the perspective of XML.
  * DOM interface to standard Zope objects.
  * Using XSL as an object query language.
  * The XML Document Zope product, and how it exposes XML data to Zope.
  * Cataloging XML data.
  * Where XML and Zope are going.
The discussion will cover some basics about Zope's object system, but will
focus on its integration with XML. Even if you don't know Zope, if you have
some idea of what XML is, you should be OK.

The initial goals of the group are to meet the first Tuesday of each month,
and have a fairly technically oriented meeting. The meeting format will
consist of one or two technical presentations each followed by Q&A.
Socialization will be encouraged after the presentations at a local pub.
Admission is free.

The entrance to the Benjamin Franklin Building is located on the corner of
SW 1st Ave and SW Columbia Street in Portland. The building entrance is
monitored by a security guard so it is very important that you RSVP so you
can be listed at the security desk.  I'll be in the lobby to greet visitors
before 7:00, after that the guard will check the entrance every 5 to 10
minutes.  So, please try to be here before 7:00  The address of the
building is 1 SW Columbia Ave, Portland, OR 97258

Street parking is free after 6:00pm, or there is a parking structure at SW
1st and Jefferson.

Please RSVP by email to Ray@unival.com

Ray Price