[Zope-Annce] ANN: Zope.org beta release

Amos Latteier Amos@digicool.com
Tue, 17 Aug 1999 23:56:47 -0400


Digital Creations is pleased to announce the pubic availability of the
new Zope.org site. This site is currently in *beta*; it mostly works,
but it not yet complete. Eventually it will replace the current Zope.org


  * What's new about this site?

The new site is focused on providing a framework for the Zope community
to develop on-line Zope resources. Using Zope itself community members
can experiment and create their own resources on Zope.org, much as
Python hackers create their own content on the Python starship site. To
participate, you can create a membership for yourself which provides you
with an area to create objects, and the ability to personalize the site.

The new Zope.org site is running Zope 2 and makes heavy use of the
Portal Toolkit, the Catalog and ZClasses.

  * What's Membership all about?

Membership allows you to create an account on Zope.org. Then you can
build and manage your own Zope objects. You can upload your contributed
software, and author your own documents on-line.

If you can't install Zope locally this is a great way to try it out. If
you are a Zope guru an account allows you to share you information
efficiently with the Zope community.

Everything you create can be woven into the fabric of the site through
the magic of the catalog. For example, many pages are built from Catalog
searches of member objects.

Membership also allows you to find out about what's happened on the site
since you last visited. For example you can search for all How-To
objects that have changed since you were last at the site.

  * Is the site useful if you don't want to be a Member?

Yes. The main feature of the new site for non-members is searchability
and access to member content. Wondering about DTML syntax, just type
'getitem' into the search form and find the right pages of the DTML
Guide, and any relevant user contributed How-Tos.

  * Why is the site considered 'beta'?

Because Zope 2 itself is still in beta, and because we have not moved
enough content to the new site. There may even be a bug or two left ;-)

  * What should I do if I find something broken, or have suggestions?

Send them to info@digicool.com. Please realize that this site is not yet
complete. We have lots of plans for it, and would like to hear your
ideas too.

Give the new site a whirl and have fun!


P.S. In keeping with a great tradition, I'm going on vacation tomorrow,
so I cannot guarantee that your problems and suggestions for the site
will be acted upon immediately. Thanks for your understanding.

Amos Latteier         mailto:amos@digicool.com
Digital Creations     http://www.digicool.com