[Zope-Annce] ANN: Redirector 1.0

Alexander Staubo alex@mop.no
Mon, 23 Aug 1999 14:12:16 +0200

Redirector is an experimental folder product for redirecting
object requests. Any request to a subobject (whether it exists or
not) in the folder is redirected to a designated target URL. A
flexible mechanism for mapping specific URLs is also provided.

For example, you might have an URL such as http://oldserver/foo
(running Zope, of course) which you've moved to your brand new
server http://newserver/bar (Zope not required). Once you have
deleted or moved the foo folder or object out of the way, create
a Redirector object called foo on the new server, set its Target
property to http://newserver/bar, following which requests for
http://oldserver/foo will then be redirected to
http://newserver/bar. Given this, if a user then requests
http://oldserver/foo/fnargh, the request will simply be
redirected to http://newserver/bar/fnargh.

The Redirector object also supports mapping rules: For example,
if the old server had a subobject called "milk", which now exists
on the new server under the name of "honey", then you can create
a mapping which simply maps the old object to the new object.
Mappings support (or rather, require) regular expressions to be
used, so you could also map any object starting with the letter M
to a specific object, for example. (Support for regular 
expression groups are planned.)

Added bonus feature: If you set the Redirector to "hard mapping"
mode, it will fall back to the default target URL if none of the
mappings match the requested URL. That means -- if you're like
me, converting a dull old Netscape server to a new Zope site with
lots of magic fairy dust added -- that you can create mappings
for all the old documents that should be redirected to their
Zopefied counterpart URLs, but for all the documents that are
deprecated on the new server, the redirection will be set to the
server's root folder.

Thie product is experimental only in the sense that it has not 
been extensively tested. Please report bugs, problems, or 
inconsistencies to me.


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