[Zope-Annce] [ANNOUNCE] John Udell To Give Keynote At Zope Track

Mike Pelletier mike@digicool.com
Fri, 3 Dec 1999 16:48:07 -0500 (EST)

Jon Udell To Give Keynote At Zope Track

Digital Creations will be hosting a Zope Track at the 8th International
Python Conference.  The Zope Track will feature a keynote speech by the
former senior editor at Byte magazine, Jon Udell.  He is also the author
of several O'Reilly books and a frequent contributor to leading industry
publications.  Jon will be discussing reusable web content models.

The Zope Track will also cover subjects of interest to Zope users and
developers of all proficiencies, offer an opportunity to meet the folks at
DC, and to put faces to the names seen in the Zope community.  Attendees
will come away with a free t-shirt, CD-ROM and bound copies of the Zope

Jon Udell will be speaking on Tuesday, January 25.  The conference runs
from the 24th to the 26th.  To register, see the on-line registration
form (link below).


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 8th International Python Conference

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