[Zope-Annce] [ANNOUNCE] Digital Creations Chooses Mozilla For Next Generation Zope Management Zope Management

Mike Pelletier mike@digicool.com
Thu, 9 Dec 1999 19:01:29 -0500 (EST)

Digital Creations announced today that the next generation of its Zope
application server will leverage browser technology from the Mozilla

Zope is the leading Open Source application server, specializing in
content management systems, portals, and custom solutions.  Mozilla is a
next-generation Web browser, developed as an Open Source project and
delivering technology for AOL's Netscape products.

"Zope is the premier example of a pure Internet architecture for
application servers," says Paul Everitt, CEO of Digital Creations.  
"However, being competitive in the content management and portal
management markets requires an upgrade to Zope's classic Web front end.  
With Mozilla we get an advanced environment for Web applications that
enhances the Zope vision of a pure Internet architecture.  It's a natural
fit for these two Open Source leaders to work together."

Mitchell Baker, Chief Lizard Wrangler for mozilla.org, said "Mozilla is a
new, standards-based architecture for next-generation Web applications.  
This alliance with Zope is an innovative example of coupling this new
browser seamlessly with a powerful server architecture.  We are excited to
welcome Digital Creations and the Zope community in this initiative."

The goal of the Zope/Mozilla initiative is to deliver a next-generation
management environment for Zope that retains an end-to-end Open Source
solution for web applications.  This initiative will spawn a number of
Zope community projects led by Digital Creations and others.  A roadmap,
initial architecture documents, and a prototype will be unveiled at the
Zope Track at the Eighth International Python Conference in January 2000.

Additional information about the initiative will be maintained at:

Digital Creations is the creator of Zope and the leader in Open Source web
development. Zope is an Open Source application server for building
high-performance, dynamic web sites. Zope runs on nearly all UNIX
platforms as well as Windows NT, and can be used with popular web servers
or its own built-in web server. Visit www.digicool.com for more
information, and get Zope free at www.zope.org.

Mozilla.org is the group founded by Netscape to be responsible for making
Mozilla a successful open-source project; it exists to support the entire
Mozilla community.  Mozilla.org provides a central point of contact and
community for those interested in using or improving the mozilla codebase.

Contacts:  Paul Everitt, paul@digicool.com
           Mitchell Baker, mitchell@mozilla.org