[Zope-Annce] UgoFast is alive

Jeff Nielsen Jeff@UgoFast.com
Thu, 16 Dec 1999 20:42:14 -0800

Fellow Zopsters...

After too many long hours, I'm finally ready to launch my web site,
http://www.UgoFast.com. UgoFast uses Zope v1.9.0 as the engine to generate
HTML pages with data from the events database.

If you have a spare moment, drop by UgoFast and then drop me an email at
Jeff@UgoFast.com with any comments and critiques you might have. I
appreciate any feedback.

If something isn't working, it's probably just me fixing something as I
prepared for the "official" launch on 1 January 2000.

Zope Rules!

Jeff Nielsen.