[Zope-Annce] Zope Weekly News

Mike Pelletier mike@digicool.com
Wed, 22 Dec 1999 18:18:53 -0500 (EST)


    Zope Weekly News is a digest of some of the useful and interesting
    events which have occurred on the various Zope mailing lists and the
    Zope.org site.  It is published each Wednesday evening.

    Any opinions contained in the Zope Weekly News are those of the
    chronicler exclusively.


  * Amos Lattier has started a series at XML.com about XML and Zope.
    The first article is available.


  * Beehive has translated additional Zope How-Tos into German.
    German speaking Zope users are welcome to contribute to the


  * The new Zope Front Door has been installed.  Comments to
    webmaster@zope.org are encouraged.


  * Lutz Ehrlich <Lutz.Ehrlich@EMBL-Heidelberg.de> has launched the
    German Python/Zope network.

        "It is meant to be a lightweight and efficient means to form a
        network of freelancers able to provide Python/Zope services in
        the German speaking part of the world."


  * A mailing list has been set up to support the Zope Mozilla
    Initiative.  It's address is zope-mozilla@zope.org.


New Products

  * "4am" posted a bash script to automate generating distribution
    archives of Python Products.



  * The Z SQL Methods User's Guide has been updated.


  * "4am" has updated SiteAccess to work with Zope 2.1.


Zope.org items

  * "limi" posted the 100th How-To, which is about using
    multiple-selection and selection properties.

  * "dparker" submitted a tip for editing Zope resources with the
    editor of your choice under KDE, and suggests that the same
    technique may work for other environments.


  * "sfs" has contributed a helpful document on forcing clients to use
    HTTPS when using the management interface.


Notable Discussions

  * chas <panda@skinnyhippo.com> started a discussion titled
    "Linux/Redhat advice : RPMs vs Src for Zope development ?"  "chas"
    is new to Linux, coming from a FreeBSD background, and he in
    curious about the relative merits of installing from the sources
    versus installing with an RPM.


  * Christopher Petrilli <petrilli@digicool.com> posted to zope-dev
    to let everyone know that Even Simpson's Python Methods have been
    rolled in to Zope, and are now committed to the CVS.  Some
    discussion of Python Methods followed.


  * Dave Parker <dparker@globalcrossing.com> complained that his
    namespace kept disappearing when he called a DTML Method from a
    DTML Method.  Jim Fulton and others wrote in explaining what was
    happening, why it happened, and how to pass values to a DTML
    Method without losing your namespace.  A lot of very useful
    information, sure to cause many a forehead-slap.  Jim also
    mentions that you may not have to jump through this particular
    hoop too much longer.


  * Andrew Hall <aah@impaq.net.au> has his FastCGI/Zope setup
    troubleshot by the mailing list.  An error in the documentation
    (doc/WEBSERVER.txt) is pointed out!  (Corrected in the CVS.)


Mike Pelletier.