[Zope-Annce] FYI: Zope Weekly News

Amos Latteier Amos@digicool.com
Wed, 21 Jul 1999 20:08:32 -0400

Zope 2.0 beta one should be out *very* soon. This week saw a lot of
screw tightening in preparation for the beta release. The public CVS
archive is temporarily frozen due to some re-organization but will open
up again when the beta release comes out.

Most of the traffic on the Zope lists was devoted to Zope community
members helping each other solve their various real world problems.

One of the most notable discussions this week started with a comparison
between Zope and other web development platforms with respect to xml
facilities. Folks at DC weighed in with their 2 cents on the subject
which includes the imminent release of a Zope product which will allow
access to xml objects in Zopish ways. Interestingly many community
members have similar ideas of what Zope needs in terms of xml support.
It will be exciting to see how Digital Creations and community members
collaborate on XML development efforts.
  * Chris Petrilli announced an new Zope mailing list, zope-announce. If
you're overwhelmed with the volume of the currently Zope lists, this one
could be for you.


  * Amos Latteier posted a roadmap details some plans for XML
development in Zope. Digital Creations will release an alpha XML Zope
product in the next couple days. 


  *  One of the best IT magazines on the German market, iX Magazine, has
a Zope article available in the August 1999 issue by Frank Tegtmeyer.


  * Andreas Kostyrka announced Navigate 0-0-4. This product allows you
to control which objects are displayed.

  * Arpad Kiss announced a simple Zope chart drawing tool.


  * Andy Dustman announced a new Python interface for MySQL,
MySQLdb-0.0.3. This package includes a patch to use it with Zope's MySQL
database adapter. 


  * Hurrah Internet now offers Zope hosting.


  * Chris Petrilli posted a note about BLOBs and Zope database adapters
on the zope-dev list.


See you next week.

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