[Zope-Annce] FYI: Zope Weekly News

Amos Latteier Amos@digicool.com
Wed, 3 Nov 1999 19:37:11 -0500


It was a normal week for Zope: many software announcements, community
expansion, and many other exciting developments. Here are some hilights.

It's official now, there will be a Zope book from O'Reilly. It won't be
out for a while. When it is released it will probably be available under
an open content license.

Performance improved on the Zope.org web site thanks to new hardware and
improved cache settings.

Many folks who have submitted Zope bug reports will be happy to see lots
of fixes appearing in CVS. These fixes mark early preparations for a
Zope 2.1 release.

  * The performance of the www.zope.org web site was improved this week
due to smarter HTTP and ZODB cache settings and better hardware. There
were a few short down times but it looks like smooth sailing form here
on out. Hooray!

  * Mike Pelletier announced that he and Dan York of LinuxCare will be
writing a Zope book for O'Reilly.

  * A perennial discussion on the Zope list is porting Zope to Java.
Using Servlets with Zope would be great and JPython makes this
relatively easy, right? Wrong. Philip Eby gives a good description of
why we're not likely to see JZope for a long time.
  * Edd Dumbill announced SiteSummary 1.1 a Zope product for managing
RSS data.
  * OgilvyInteractive is looking for a Chinese speaking Zope programmer.
  * Stephan Richter announced ZPickle 0.0.1 a Zope Product to provide
pickling services.
  * Oleg Broytmann announced a Russian Zope mailing list.
  * Jeff Rush announced that he has updated his Zope RPMs.
  * Marc Gehling announced a German Zope Yahoo club.
  * Ethan Fremen announced a Zope and CSS How-To.
  * Luciano Ramalho announced that Brazil On-line has launched a
Zope-based real time news service.
  * Petru Paler announced ClickTracker a Zope Product to track user
  * Tom Deprez posted summarized Zope Documentation Project happening in
his "ZDP Weekly NEWS" post to the zdp list. 
  * Amos Latteier made this slides for his talk "Extending Zope in
Python" available.
  * Mike Pelletier released ZDiscussions 0.1.0 This is a Zope Product
for threaded discussions.
See you next week.


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