[Zope-Annce] ANNOUNCE: Zope SybaseDA v2.0.0b1 released

Chris Petrilli petrilli@digicool.com
Fri, 19 Nov 1999 16:48:55 -0500

I'm proud to announce that we have finally taken the wraps off the total
ground-up rewrite of the SybaseDA.  This is a beta, but it's gone thru
some testing already. You can find it on the Zope website at:


Please read the CHANGES.txt and understand all the differences, as it
might break much of your code that depends on strangeness in the
previous release.  The CHANGES.txt is below:

Zope Sybase DA Changes

  The DC Sybase DA provides access to Sybase Databases from Zope.

  Zope Sybase DA 2.00b1

    Features Added

      The Zope Sybase DA provides the features of previous sybase
      adapters and:

      - Fully multi-threaded

      - Support for Zope sub-transactions

      - Trailing spaces are stripped from strings on retrieval

      - The user interface for adding and editing database connections
        now uses separate fields for server, user, password, and
        database information.  It is no longer necessary to use an
        arcane connection string.

      - Connections now have a "Transactional" option to control
        whether transactions are used.  (Sybase consumes 
        resources for transactions even when select statements are
        used, so pure-read requests should use non-transactional

      - Long integer fixed-decimal numbers are supported.  Numeric
        columns with zero scale and precision greater than nine are
        retrieved as Python long integers.

  Notes on data type conversions:

    - Sybase Money types and numeric types for which scale is non-zero
      are retrieved as Python floats. This could lead to a loss of

    - Image and text columns are truncated at 64K.


    The following features are under consideration for the

    - Full support for Sybase text and image columns. Currently,
      text and image columns are truncated at 64K.

    - Drop-in Sybase stored procedures.

    - Perhaps provide dedicated data types for numeric 
      (ie fixed decimal) and monetary data.

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