[Zope-Annce] FYI: Zope Weekly News

Christopher Petrilli petrilli@digicool.com
Wed, 01 Sep 1999 16:31:22 -0400

Hi there! 

Filling in for Amos as he tries to get the new Zope site readied for public
presentation!  It's still in beta...

Well, this has been the busiest week of all, or at least in a long long
time, for Zope development. Not only was beta 6 released, but the final
release of Zope 2 has finally been made!  In celebration, we're going to
continue working on documentation and resolving any outstanding issues!

Other items of interest this past week:

  * First! Zope 2.0 is finally released and out of BETA! :-)  Find all the
    gory details here:


  * Lots of new items (HOW-TOs, contributed software) on the new beta
    site. Take a look!


  * It was revealed that the <dtml-sendmail> tag doesn't participate in
    the transaction machinery


  * Juergen Specht started an interesting thread on data validation and
    the difficulty in even figuring out what an e-mail address is.


  * Zope gets some good press in the TechWeb publication, which Paul
    shares with us all.


  * Various people expressed the concerns with search sites crawling a
    dynamic site like Zope, but perhaps it's not an issue as is discussed in
    the thread.


  * It's discovered that you can't use tree tags with SQL queries the way
    you might expect, but there are some solutions.


  * Evan Simpson reveals his first attempt at embedded Python code objects
    in the Zope database.


  * John Udell provides some much welcome publicity on Zope as well:


  * A new version of the ZOracleDA was released, providing full
    thread-safety under Zope2.


  * Beehive in Germany releases a product to help write products.  Is that
    a meta-product? ;-)


Zigning off for now,
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