[Zope-Annce] new local file system release

Jonothan Farr jfarr@real.com
Tue, 4 Apr 2000 00:25:01 -0700

I originally sent this announcement on Saturday, April 1. However, it was
intercepted by the list admin because I made the mistake of trying to bcc
the zope list as well. Don't make this mistake! Don't let it happen to you!

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From: Jonothan Farr <jfarr@real.com>
To: zope-announce@zope.org <zope-announce@zope.org>
Date: Saturday, April 01, 2000 2:24 PM
Subject: new local file system release

Greetings. Today I'm announcing not one but two new versions of the Local
File System product. Although we'll call these the April Fool's Day
releases, no they are not a joke.

Version 0.1.8 adds simple file uploading. It also fixes a problem with Image
and File objects by setting the modified time of the ZObjects correctly.
This also enables browser caching to work correctly.

Version 0.1.9 adds support for adding, editing, moving, copying, renaming,
and deleting local files through the Zope management interface. This is all
highly experimental and potentially dangerous. This is why I've chosen to
release the two feature sets separately. You would have to be absolutely
insane to run this version on a production server. Please note also that the
license agreement specifically states that I am not responsible if you shoot
yourself in the head with this thing. That being said, please feel free to
try it out on your development/test servers and get back to me with any
problems you may find.

As always, please feel free to contact me at jfarr@real.com with any
comments, questions, or bug reports about the Local File System product.

The product is available at: