[Zope-Annce] Banner System 0.1.0 Released

Bill Anderson bill.anderson@libc.org
Sat, 19 Feb 2000 01:19:01 -0700

This is a new Banner system. It offers similiar functionality to lalo's
BannerFodler prodcut, but takes it a few steps further.

The basic design follows that of Base Classes in Python, to be
subclassed in ZClasses or further Python. It does include a sample
implementation that can be used without modification (so far :).

One big difference is that it doesn't suffer from the
zero-banners-with-views-remaining bug. When no valid banners are found,
it will return an html comment stating such.

Another change is that you can have local banners, which can be of two
 o Self-Contained: just like banner folder, you upload an 
   image, and indicate the target URL.
 o Referential: In these, you specify the image's URL, as 
   well as the target URL.

You can also use remote banners, like the kind you get from
LinkExchange, where you get some html/javascript code to put into your
pages. For these, you don't worry about uploading images, or any URLs,
simply put in the link code in the specified box.

Banners can now be weighted. The weighting system is numerical, and
based off of a default of 1. A weight of 2 is twice as likely to appear
as a weight of 1. You get the idea.

There may be a buglet or two, if so, let me know. I am using this right
now on two of my sites with no problems so far.

Future features include a tighter system, click-through tracking, and
report generation.

Enjoy, if you will. Comments, patches, etc. gladly accepted.


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