[Zope-Annce] SQLRelay with Zope Database adapter

Roman Milner rmilner@pointone.com
19 Jun 2000 18:25:29 -0500

I'm happy to announce the first release of a database adapter for
sqlrelay.  In short, with this adapter and a small client library your
zope server can talk to Oracle, Postgresql, MySQL, mSQL, SQLite, and
Lago - without having the client libs for any of these database
servers on your Zope server machine.

SQLRelay (an open source product by firstworks
http://www.firstworks.com) runs a daemon that listens for sql queries
- it then relays the query to the database server and returns the
results to the socket client allowing you to talk to any of the above
databases via a simple socket protocol.

Two python APIs are provided - one that closely matches the sqlrelay
client API and one that is semi DB API compliant.  The database
adapter works on top of the DB API.

The DA and python interfaces are included in the latest release of
SQLRelay.  You will also need to download the latest release of the
rudiments library.

Both can be had from the firstworks homepage:


Much thanks to David Muse, the author of SQLRelay, for near 24 hour
support in getting this written.