[Zope-Annce] RFC: Zope.asn.au : Australian Zope User Group Association

Nicholas Roberts Nicholas.Roberts@SYNARCHY.NET
Mon, 06 Nov 2000 17:09:56 +1100

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RFC: Zope.asn.au : Australian Zope User Group Association

hi Australian Zopistas,

I am interested in forming an Australian Zope User Group Association. i.e. 
Could those individual and organisational users of Zope let me know if they 
are keen. I really think its a good idea to push this now, I know of a few 
players (1 in Qld, 2 in Vic), but compared to the mainstream Zope is 

Some things I would like to see Zope.asn.au do would be

1. Link-up with the Python crowd, in the Universities and Industry. Some 
Python outfits are doing industrial strength business (ie CommSecure)
2. Encourage schools & uni's to teach, talk about Zope (many Academics are 
already Python users)
3. Advocate Zope in the IT Marketplace
4. Organise an Australian Zope conference, maybe the culmination of a 6-12 
month campaign
5. Get Zope into the Australian IT media
6. Create a Job Board or some kind of Australian Zope vortal
7. Set-up a Zope.asn.au mailing list
8. Work-out a way to get more resources into Zope in Australia
9. Showcase some Australian Zope (initially Python ?) Zope success stories

please email your initial response to mailto:Zope@synarchy.net

Nicholas Roberts, Webmaster/Director

Websystems Information Australia
ABN: 95 052 408 849